Configuring a system default field security scheme

You can set any field security scheme as a ‘system default’ starting from JFS 1.4.62.

A system default scheme is applied to any project with no explicitly assigned field security scheme - either a user-defined one or a built-in None (forced).

There is no default scheme defined after add-on installation or upgrade from the previous version.

New features on the field security schemes list:

  1. A default scheme is shown above the table and marked with the DEFAULT badge in the table

  2. To make a scheme system default: click Make default link in the Operations column

  3. To remove a system default scheme: click Remove default link above the table

  4. Built-in None (forced) scheme allows

  5. Projects using the scheme as a default are shown in the Projects column with a (as default scheme) mark.

A special option ‘None (forced)’ has been added to the scheme selection drop down list on the project.

Available options:

  • None (or default) - the project uses a system default scheme or no scheme if no default is defined

  • None (forced) - the project always uses no scheme

  • Any existing field security scheme